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Banking Jobs

Located in the North of America, Canada is globally recognized as one of the well-developed countries which always promote educated people in their respective fields. Statistically, due to the increase in the employment ratio, the salary which a bank in Canada provides to its average employees is $41,335 per year or $21.20 per hour. Moreover, these vacancies are available for foreigners as well as Canadian citizens. These opportunities include a number of full-time and part-time jobs in the banking sector. We have shared the complete recruitment procedure for the Banking Jobs in Canada. Make sure to adhere to the instructions to land successfully in your desired bank.

Types of Banking Jobs in Canada

Banking is known as a vast field that comprises so many departments such as Retail, Corporate/Commercial, Global, Private, Investment Banking, etc. Each department is responsible for managing its employees in order to get their work done. We are going to highlight some of the top banking job positions which offer the highest salary as well as other rewards and benefits. By reading about these positions you will get to more know about which banking career you want to pursue.

1. Bank Teller

The Bank Teller jobs are the most in-demand as an entry-level job in the banking sector. A Bank Teller is responsible for serving the bank customers. The responsibilities include providing the information related to various banking queries, disbursing and receiving cash from customers, identifying the authenticity of cheques that customers deposit, etc. The average salary for his position is $17 per hour which also includes the benefits, incentives, and compensation packages.

2. Financial Clerk

The Financial Clerk Jobs are one of the most available vacancies in the banking sector. This job position comes with a number of responsibilities such as maintaining and recording the financial tasks, reviewing the financial transactions including bills, checks, and receipts, maintaining the proper record of the documents, ensuring all data is up to date, and reporting the maintained up-to-date files to the higher authority. According to the salary survey, the average Financial Clerk earns $15 an hour, which includes benefits, incentives, and compensation packages.

3. Bank Accountant

A Bank Accountant is responsible for examining the financial records in order to ensure that the documents provided by the clerks are up to date as well as doesn’t contain any kind of financial error. The responsibilities include creating proper documents for the clients, finalizing the client’s information, resolving any kind of illogical discrepancies, as well as providing management with the information they can use to make financial decisions. Accountants are paid an average of $28.73 per hour, including benefits, incentives, and compensation packages.

4. Branch Manager

A Branch Manager Job Position entails a variety of duties such as overviewing the complete branch operations which includes the recruitment of the new employees, managing the whole revenue of the branch, looking after the account details of the clients, aiming to provide excellent customer service as well as managing branch’s financial records and resources. In addition to benefits, incentives, and compensation, Branch Managers earn an average of $67,801 per year.

5. Financial Advisor

A Financial Advisor provides clients with personalized financial advice. The responsibilities affiliated with Financial Advisor Job Position includes creating a detailed plan for the clients which includes all the information related to the finance and accounts. A Financial Advisor is responsible for providing its client with a valued financial plan. A Financial Advisor earns on average 87,850 dollars per year in addition to benefits, incentives, and compensation.

How to Apply for Banking Jobs in Canada?

The hiring procedure to apply for Banking Jobs in Canada is very simple. You just need to fulfill a few requirements in order to successfully submit your job application. First of all, browse and select the position from below for which you want to apply. Then click on the position. Upon clicking, you will be redirected to the official career portal. Simply register yourself there by providing the authentic details. Then click on the “Apply Now” button to fill an online application form.


Q: What are the steps to becoming a banker in Canada?

A: In order to apply for the vacancies in Canadian banks, you will need at least a high school diploma for entry-level work. The chances of getting a job in this field are higher if you have more educational qualifications.

Q: What are the salaries for banking jobs in Canada?

A: In Canada, a bank provides its average employee with $41,335 per year or $21.20 per hour, whereas most experienced and qualified employees make $100,000 annually.

Q: Where are the best banks in Canada for salaries, benefits, and compensation programs?

A: It is difficult to list all top banks, however, here are the top 05 banks that provide their employees with the highest salaries, benefits, incentives as well as compensation programs.

1. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
2. Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD)
3. Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank)
4. Bank of Montreal (BMO)
5. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

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