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The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was founded 37 years ago on the 21st of June 1984. CSIS operates under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Federal Government. This agency was established as a result of the Canadian Security Act. Before CSIS, the RCMP Security Services was the predecessor agency. As a result of its mandate, this organization is accountable for compiling, investigating, documenting, and reporting intelligence related to Canadian security. Moreover, it is also responsible for the management of activities, conducting any operations, both secret and open, either within Canada or outside the country. Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (PSEPC) is the parent department of CSIS. This agency is also authorized to communicate with and counsel the Minister of Public Safety in matters of public safety and matters concerned with the safety of Canada. For the purposes of carrying out activities that prevent any threat to the country, the CSIS is provided with 649.9 million Canadian dollars as an annual budget. Presently more than 32000 employees of this service are striving to protect the nation from any kind of threats. Hon. Bill Blair is the minister responsible for CSIS.

Career Opportunities in CSIS

CSIS strives to achieve its vision of making Canada a safer, more prosperous, and economically stronger country, by relying on trusted sources of information, guidance, and counsel. The opportunity to work for national security is what causes an increasing number of people in Canada to apply for CSIS Jobs. This agency offers many employment opportunities to those individuals who are eager to serve their motherland and are prepared to work with complete dedication and passion for the betterment of the country. Canadian Security Intelligence Service Jobs positions include Intelligence Officer, Surveillance Officer, Administrative Assistant, and many other openings. Students can also apply and join training courses offered by this agency. CSIS Careers are available for applicants belonging from Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Burnaby, and all across Canada. The recruitment procedure involves submitting an online application on the career portal of CSIS. If employed, you will receive many benefits and facilities which include a good salary package, retirement plan, medical care, allowances, incentives, compensation, and so much more. If you want to secure your position here, then make sure to strive for the best possible services which you can deliver.

We have provided you with a list of all of the CSIS jobs that are currently available below.

CSIS Jobs – Applications Developer


Job Description: We are looking to hire Applications Developers at the intermediate and senior levels in the Information Technology branches. This team provides expertise and solutions required to advance the …

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