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Please Note: It would be unfair for us to place ourselves in a position of being accountable for any upgrades in the job that the employer decides to make.

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This website is intended to be a one-stop source of employment opportunities across Canada. By using this website, you accept the responsibility of applying for jobs that are expired, invalid, or unreliable. It is our policy not to take responsibility for jobs that do not work out the way they were described in the advertisement. All third parties, including the company representatives and employers, should make sure to follow their policies, terms & conditions, statements, or other details they provide. Before posting a job on our website, we make sure it has been thoroughly reviewed. The employers do not contact us directly in any way. Third parties are not affiliated with our website under any circumstances.

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There are many logos, trade names, and trademarks that are displayed on our website which belong to the companies whose jobs are posted. It does not mean that we are connected with them in any way. It is the responsibility of the employer to modify or add anything else related to the content on their website, including the sequence of links, the details of the vacancy, or any other relevant information. As part of our policy, we do not allow third-parties to perform activities such as customizing job details or modifying our website. These actions are governed by our privacy policies and are subject to our terms and conditions.

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