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EDC Careers

Export Development Canada was founded 78 years ago in Ottawa in the year 1944. It is one of the Crown corporations in Canada which is engaged in the following industries, i.e., banking, financial services, and credit insurance. It is an export credit agency that is completely owned by the Canadian Government. Whereas, comes under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. To maintain a high level of standards as well as competition in the international market, EDC aims to carry out trade services with other countries around the globe. This company comprises 21 regional offices in the country. Moreover, EDC strives to represent itself in 15 foreign markets by promoting the exchange of trade services and products such as corporate banking, equity investments, international market expertise, and many more. The headquarter of EDC is situated in Ontario, CA. EDC also aims to support and assist all sizes of companies in Canada in order to create jobs and increase capital. The company has a total asset of more than 60.4 billion Canadian dollars at present. More than 1,556 employees of EDC are offering their valuable services under the management of President & CEO Ms. Mairead Lavery.

Career Opportunities in EDC

EDC is also known as an international risk expert which provides all kinds of export knowledge as well as financial solutions required to enhance the growth of the businesses. EDC Careers is all about availing of the countless advancement opportunities where an individual gets to collaborate with a highly experienced management and learn in order to secure a stable career. However, EDC jobs are also challenging as the recruitment team of this company looks for those candidates who are willing to invest their time, expertise, and knowledge in order to work for the growth of the company. A number of Export Development Canada Jobs are available for those who possess time management skills as well as a positive attitude towards other team members. These positions include Manager, Legal Counsel, Administrative Assistant, Supervisor, and many other openings. Applicants belonging from Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, and all across Canada are eligible to apply for this employment opportunity. You can simply login into the career portal of EDC and apply online. If you match the job requirements, the company will not only hire you but also facilitate you with many benefits and allowances as well.

We have mentioned below a list of the latest EDC Jobs from which you can choose any and submit your application.

EDC Carriere – Customer Data Analyst

EDC Careers

Job Description: As a Senior Data Analyst, you will be responsible for bringing transactional customer data from disparate sources across multiple platforms. You will build dependable data pipelines that feed …

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