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Manitoba Government Jobs

The Province of Manitoba is known as the fifth-most populous province in Canada. On July 15, 1870, a Métis leader Mr. Louis Riel inspired the formation of Manitoba under the leadership and inspiration of a separate province for the Manitoban people. The Manitoba Act was passed by the Parliament of Canada to create this province. According to the statistics, it comprises more than 1,278,365 people. It is ranked number 8 in terms of the area. This province comprises a land area of about 211,720 sq. mi and a water area of about 39,225 sq. miles. The total GDP that this province generates annually is more than 65.862 billion Canadian Dollars, whereas its per capita is $50,820 billion. Winnipeg Metro Region is the largest metropolitan area in Manitoba, encompassing Winnipeg and 18 surrounding municipalities. This province also has a Federal representation in the Parliament of Canada with 14 House seats and 6 Senate seats. Ms. Janice Clare Filmon is the Lieutenant Governor, whereas Ms. Heather Dorothy Stefanson is the Premier of Manitoba. There are 4,200 government employees currently working in Manitoba out of a total of 12,000 in the civil service.

Career Opportunities in Manitoba

This province has one of the highest employment rates among all provinces of Canada, at 60.2%. Manitoba government jobs are ideal whether you are just getting started or looking to change career paths. This is a great opportunity for you to become a part of a multicultural and talented workplace. Manitoba government careers are available to all skilled workers, new graduates, as well as current students who are looking to find employment. If you want to apply for Jobs in Manitoba, then you simply need to log into the career portal of this province and submit your application along with your resume. This province is presently offering many positions in different departments and organizations. The jobs include Nurse, Security Officer, Pharmacist, Truck Driver, Plumber, Heavy Equipment Operator, and many other positions. Applicants belonging to Winnipeg, Dauphin, Brandon, Winkler, and all across Canada are eligible to apply for these positions. Your financial career will be supported by numerous government benefits, including allowances, incentives, performance bonuses, paid leaves, and so much more. As long as you perform to the best of your abilities, you will be sure to secure your position here.

Please find below a list of the current Manitoba government jobs available, as well as their details.

Province of Manitoba Jobs – Accounting Clerk

Manitoba Government Jobs in Winnipeg

Job Description: The Manitoba government recognizes the importance of building an exemplary public service reflective of the citizens it serves, where diverse abilities, backgrounds, cultures, identities, languages and perspectives drives …

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