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Microsoft Careers

Microsoft Canada Inc. was founded 36 years ago as a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation in the year 1975. This company was established as a means of providing local and nationwide sales, marketing, consulting, and customer services. It is a subsidiary of a multinational technology company that is engaged in the business of Social networking service, Software development, Corporate venture capital, Consumer electronics, Computer hardware, Cloud computing, the Internet, and Video games. According to the statistics, the total assets of Microsoft Corp. are US$301.3 billion, whereas the revenue is US$161 billion, and total equity is US$118.3 billion. The company owns various subsidiaries, i.e. LinkedIn, Skype Technologies, GitHub, and RiskIQ. Xbox Game Studios is the division of Microsoft Corporation. It is also engaged in providing other services such as Azure, OneDrive,, Microsoft Store, Windows Update, and so much more. There are about 9 regional offices of this subsidiary company in Canada. Presently more than 2300 employees of this corporation are delivering excellent services under the management of Technical Adviser Bill Gates, Vice-President Travis Ames, and President Kevin Peesker. The headquarter of Microsoft Canada is situated in Mississauga.

Career Opportunities in Microsoft

Microsoft Canada aims to make it possible for every individual and organization around the globe to be able to accomplish greater things. There isn’t any doubt that people from all over the world look forward to the Microsoft Careers. One of the main reasons for this is the advancement opportunities that this corporation provides to its employees. The company is presently offering many job openings for those with a disciplined attitude, a keen eye for detail, and a genuine interest in technology. The jobs include Senior Software Engineer, Data & Applied Scientist, Senior Layout Artist, Digital Advisor, and many other positions. Those who wish to work from home at Microsoft can also apply for remote jobs. Additionally, new grads and students can also avail themselves of the internship opportunities. The available vacancies are open for applicants belonging from Toronto, Vancouver, Mississauga, Seattle, and all across Canada. To apply, simply log into the career portal and use the online application form. If employed, the company will facilitate you with so many perks and benefits such as paid leaves, a 401k plan, medical care, a retirement package, allowances, and so much more.

We have listed below the latest Microsoft jobs, as well as other jobs related to this field.

Microsoft Jobs – Senior Customer Engineer

Microsoft Careers

Job Description: FT takes a solution-centric approach and provides customers with technical information, standard methodologies, tools and additional resources that help them master Azure, while gathering information that will enable …

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